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Beachin’ Bertha

In the early days of Walt Disney World, watercraft were a fundamental element of new parks. When the Magic Kingdom opened alongside the rest of the resort in 1971, any number of rafts, launches, steamships, and ferries took to the waters of Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon for shakedown cruises. The Rivers of […]

The Seas With Tony And Friends

In the frantic rush to open Walt Disney World in October 1971, a variety of “t”s and “i”s were left uncrossed and undotted. These ranged from a nearly empty Tomorrowland to unfinished resort hotels, not to mention a roster of incomplete attractions which were rolled out over subsequent months and years.

This second wave of […]

Steampunk Saturday

Hello everyone, sorry for the general lack of anything around these parts lately…

I have our first Progress City television alert today…

This weekend Turner Classic Movies is showing two Disney films back to back – The Black Hole at 2:30 PM EST and 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at 4:15 PM EST. 20,000 […]