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More Vacation Planning, 1994 Style

When last we met, we watched a lavish trip planning video from 1993. Today we’re going to stop by Walt Disney World merely one year later, but it’s pretty obvious that by 1994 things have really changed.

For one thing, there’s the length of the video. The 1993 edition is almost fifty minutes long; by […]

Neverworlds – Lost Lands Of LEGO

In the World Showcase section, where international villages dot the edge of a 45-acre, man-made lagoon, Disney engineers intend to build pavilions representing Israel, Equatorial Africa, Venezuela, Spain and Morocco. Also under consideration are pavilions representing the Netherlands and Denmark. – The Miami Herald, October 3rd, 1982

When the announcement was made that Merlin Entertainments […]

Maps! Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994

Euro Disneyland Paris, 1994

This isn’t an official park map; it’s from a booklet that Disney distributed at Walt Disney World to promote the Euro Disney Resort to American guests. It shows the park as it was in 1994, which is remarkably similar to how it is today. There were still some small attractions to […]

Your Virtual Disney Resort: Wilderness Lodge Snacks, 1994

Staying at the Wilderness Lodge in 1994, and feeling a bit peckish? Well just take the paper bag you’ll find in your room and head down to Miss Jenny’s for some provisions! Or, even better, have a basket of goodies brought up to your room!

Mmm! Who wants muffins??

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Jaw Hitting Floor In 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

The S.S. Disney, from bow to stern: the Orbitron, a ferris wheel, the glass-covered multideck hub area, the Casey Jr. Circus Train and glass-canopied carousel, and its a small world (Mark Hickson)

Hey, remember in 1994 when Disney built a traveling theme park inside the hull of a massive supertanker? You don’t? That’s because it’s […]