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It’s 1993, you’ve spent the last few years polishing your koopa-stomping skills, and you’re looking to challenge yourself? The solution, obviously, is to head to Pleasure Island at Walt Disney World for Super Mario Nights at the Super Nintendo Power Dome.

That’s right kids (excluding unaccompanied minors), in the monstrous inflatable dome you’ll be able […]

Now THAT’S Propaganda!

Ah, the Disney travel planning video.

Disney’s been sending out these little gems for years now, first on VHS videotape and now on the much more compact DVD disc. The videos themselves have changed a lot over the years; nowadays, more often than not, they center on whatever the promotion-of-the-moment is. There’s typically a very […]

The Great Discovery Island Logo Contest of ’93

Once upon a time, ibis-crazed visitors to Walt Disney World could visit Discovery Island – a relaxing tropical hideaway in the center of Bay Lake. It was a pleasant little zoological park; the kind of subdued but atmospheric attraction that is rarely seen today.

In 1993, Discovery Island was looking for a new logo. Disney […]

Jaw Hitting Floor In 5.. 4.. 3.. 2..

The S.S. Disney, from bow to stern: the Orbitron, a ferris wheel, the glass-covered multideck hub area, the Casey Jr. Circus Train and glass-canopied carousel, and its a small world (Mark Hickson)

Hey, remember in 1994 when Disney built a traveling theme park inside the hull of a massive supertanker? You don’t? That’s because it’s […]

Thanksgiving Special: Neverworlds – Disney’s America

“Every day, a diverse and unlikely society, made up of every culture and race on earth, is working together to build a great nation. We have a single vision – a new order based on the promise of democracy.

Our resources for building this nation are a rich mixture of land, family and beliefs […]