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Hooray For Disney World!

1989 was a different age. That seems obvious when you consider just how (shockingly) long ago it was (please don’t think about it), but all those years seem like eons in the Disneysphere. How different was 1989 from today in the realm o’ Disney? Well just consider that in the year 1989 alone, The Disney-MGM […]

The World of Motion

Recently, Epcot’s Test Track attraction reopened after a lengthy overhaul that saw a complete facelift of the attraction’s aesthetic. Gone are the old preshow, plot, and postshow area; gone are the Belgian blocks and the silly “tests” and the heat, cold and corrosion rooms. While the ride system and the actual ride profile itself remain […]

The Disney-MGM Studios and “Hollywood East”, 1989

When the Disney-MGM Studios opened in 1989, there was a great deal of hoopla about how the city of Orlando was now “Hollywood East”. With Universal Studios Orlando opening soundstages a few miles up I-4 from Walt Disney World, there was suddenly an arms race for soundstage space in town, and with plenty of plans […]

Opening The Disney-MGM Studios With PM Magazine, 1989

Back in the 1970s and 80s, there was a syndicated television show called PM Magazine. The evening entertainment and lifestyle show aired in markets across the country, packaging syndicated features with wraparound segments featuring local hosts.

In 1989, the nation’s media descended on Orlando to cover the opening of the Disney-MGM Studios. Lest we […]

Those Were The Days, My Friends…

Is there really anything I could say? I mean… sigh.

The best part of the commercial? It doesn’t pander. There are no characters, aside from Figment and Mickey, no distortions of the truth – just images of EPCOT. It shows you how exciting EPCOT is, rather than telling you. There’s no cheesy footage of canned […]