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Hooray For Disney World!

1989 was a different age. That seems obvious when you consider just how (shockingly) long ago it was (please don’t think about it), but all those years seem like eons in the Disneysphere. How different was 1989 from today in the realm o’ Disney? Well just consider that in the year 1989 alone, The Disney-MGM [...]

Donald Takes A Holiday

Here, for a little diversion, is a special that aired on the syndicated “Wonderful World of Disney” show back in 1986 (although it aired in my market in early January, 1987). It’s Donald Takes A Holiday, a compilation of vacation-themed Donald shorts with a new narration tying them together. There’s no particular historical significance here; [...]

A Dream Called Walt Disney World

Back in the day… wait for it… the Disney Channel showed content aimed at us theme park fans. Crazy, I know, but true! One special I remember well is 1986′s A Dream Called Walt Disney World, which aired in conjunction with the resort’s yearlong 15th anniversary celebration.

The hour-long special gives a history of the [...]

Progress City Home Theater: The Great Mouse Detective (1986)

Let’s just cut to the chase – I’m a big fan of The Great Mouse Detective.

I’m also a firm believer that this modest 1986 feature is one of the most underrated gems in the Disney animated canon; more than just a solid stepping stone on the way to the later renaissance of feature [...]

Neverworlds – EPCOT’s India Pavilion

This trip to the misty moors of Never Never World is less entertaining than most, as it lacks that most important element of any good story about unbuilt attractions – pictures! Unlike many of our other stories, too, this is not a project that Disney had committed to building or negotiations that they initiated themselves. [...]