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Neverworlds – Lost Lands Of LEGO

In the World Showcase section, where international villages dot the edge of a 45-acre, man-made lagoon, Disney engineers intend to build pavilions representing Israel, Equatorial Africa, Venezuela, Spain and Morocco. Also under consideration are pavilions representing the Netherlands and Denmark. – The Miami Herald, October 3rd, 1982

When the announcement was made that Merlin Entertainments […]

Run For The Border, 1983

So we step out of the TARDIS and it’s 1983. And it’s EPCOT, so let’s ride something.

It shouldn’t be a problem, of course. After all, as we all know, EPCOT was super unpopular because it was so boring and dull, with no thrills and it made children cry and no one ever, ever came. […]

Cancel Your Plans For Tonight And Watch This

So, then there’s this. It might not quite be the holy grail, but it’s plenty close enough to make me happy. A series of videos from 1983 have appeared on YouTube depicting a freshly-minted EPCOT Center. And they’re amazing. It’s rare to see video at all from this era, and even more rare to see […]

I, For One, Welcome Our New Go-Bot Overlords

One of the most oft-repeated elements of early EPCOT lore is how, when the park opened in 1982, it was completely devoid of any of Disney’s signature characters. Disney executives thought it important that the new theme park create its own unique identity, and feared that taking Mickey and the others outside the borders of […]