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I, For One, Welcome Our New Go-Bot Overlords

One of the most oft-repeated elements of early EPCOT lore is how, when the park opened in 1982, it was completely devoid of any of Disney’s signature characters. Disney executives thought it important that the new theme park create its own unique identity, and feared that taking Mickey and the others outside the borders of [...]

New Horizons For… Those Guys

Today’s flashback comes from 1982, when the first show scene had been completed and approved for EPCOT’s Horizons attraction. The first set to be completed was Scene #14, “Urban Habitat.” You remember the one:

To celebrate the first finalized scene for the attraction, what better for a group of talented Imagineers to do than [...]

The Giant Upsetting Eye Pavilion

Nothing like a giant, upsetting eye to impress the kiddies!

This is what happens when you encourage me. Since my last question was so quickly and satisfactorily answered, I have another poser for you fine people. The above picture comes from a small article describing an open house at WED/MAPO in early 1982. The other [...]

Chattin’ With Nunis, May 1982

In early 1982, Walt Disney Productions was working full bore on the construction of EPCOT Center. Behind schedule and over budget, construction crews toiled around the clock to try and have the park ready for the October 1st opening date. In the meantime, Disney management scrambled to prepare both cast members and the public for [...]