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The Weirdest Yearbook Photo Ever

Rick Heinrichs and Tim Burton with some of the characters from “Vincent” (Disney)

With Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland approaching theaters, it’s good to remember where it all started for Burton – right at the Disney Studios in the early 1980s, alongside a number of talented but underutilized young animators.

The above picture, which shows […]

The Mystical Potties Of Morocco

Subtitle: 1,001 Arabian Flushes…

So ever since the long quest for photographic proof of EPCOT’s lost Danish bathrooms concluded, the hunt was on for those other lone bathrooms of EPCOT’s early days – the restroom complex that would one day be part of the Morocco pavilion.

World Showcase, 1982

While the Morocco showcase would not […]

Celebrate! Celebrate! October 18th, 1982

While any good Disney fan knows that EPCOT Center opened in October of 1982, it’s easy to forget just how busy that first month was. While the opening date of October 1st is well-known, the park itself wasn’t dedicated until the 24th. Throughout the rest of the month, on different days, each individual pavilion and […]

Retro Neverworlds – The Lost Potties Of Denmark

How do you tell a Disney nerd? This is how.

So, at the Theme Park Review site, they have this swell thread about early EPCOT Center. Of course, its swellness is enhanced by the fact that it says nice things about Progress City, but I digress. The point is, this thread contains thrilling and exciting […]

It’s My Birthday Too, Yeah!

Eleven years later, and twenty-seven years ago today in Orlando:

Hey, at least this time the song was actually about the park!

How much would I love to see the Disney company show this much enthusiasm about EPCOT and its mission today? Not a character or franchise in sight – just big, big ideas and […]