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Scenes From Frozen… Balls Of Ice In The Solar System

I’ve been feeling a bit spacey lately…

Let me rephrase that.

Space has been on my mind lately. Not that it’s ever too far off, but it’s nice to have a weekly dose of spacey goodness due to the new series of Cosmos airing on Fox and National Geographic (it’s well worth your time, and […]

L’Omlette Superb!

The other day on The Twitter™ I commented that Disney should have a special event featuring a three-course meal based on the food that Father is cooking in the three different finales the Carousel of Progress has presented since 1975. In Act IV of Walt Disney World’s original 1975 Carousel, he’s making chili. In […]

The Dream Called EPCOT

In 1981, The Walt Disney Story – the attraction which once occupied the area in the Magic Kingdom where the Town Square Theater currently resides – took a brief absence as its queue, theater area, and postshow area were appropriated to become The EPCOT Center Preview Center. In the year leading up to EPCOT’s October, […]

Are You Ready To Party?

‘Cause it’s Mormon Night at Disneyland!


It’s a sultry Friday evening in 1981 and you’re spoiling for fun – what better to do than head on over to Mormon Night at Disneyland!

Yes folks, for the low, low price of $7 you can spend 7 PM until Midnight enjoying all the delights of Disneyland […]

A Little Friday Night Viewing?

If you’re as lame as I am, and have nothing to do tonight, why not get a fantastic dose of Disney history by checking out the latest amazing Walt Disney World footage by Lord Phoenix on YouTube? This time around, we have the Magic Kingdom during its Tencennial in 1981.

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