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They’re Watching You

A subject that comes up often when discussing EPCOT of old is the strange giant dolls that used to roam the promenade around World Showcase before characters were allowed in the parks. Disney wanted to offer a completely different theme park experience at EPCOT; if people wanted characters, went the thinking, they could go […]

Energy – A Few Of Its Faces

One of the first attractions to begin construction at EPCOT Center was the Universe of Energy. Exxon had been one of the first sponsors to sign on for Future World, and so the design of the pavilion had been locked fairly quickly. Renderings from 1977 show a concept fairly similar to the building’s final appearance […]

Hellloooooooooooooooo Laaaadieesssss…..

Tonight, on a very special Imagineering After Dark…

“Relaxing for a moment on the huge model of EPCOT at WED Enterprises in Burbank, California, are vice-presidents Marty Sklar (left) and John Hench. WED “imagineers” are paid to tinker with the mechanics of fantasy in order to create the future according to Disney.”

Boom chicka wah […]

A Visit To EPCOT Center, 1980

Rendering of EPCOT Center, 1980 (Click to Enlarge)

Things have changed a bit since our last visit to early EPCOT; the park is now looking a lot more like the version we later would come to love. Horizons has arrived, but it’s still known as Future Probe. Spaceship Earth and Communicore have lost their golden […]

Elseworlds – Walt Disney World’s Cypress Point Lodge

“Cypress Point, located between Fort Wilderness and the Contemporary Resort Hotel, will offer guests a ‘rustic’ WDW vacation.” (Disney)

To start with, I have a few notes. First, this post was originally going to be another Neverworlds piece, but I went back and forth on that (for reasons that shall become apparent) and instead I’ve […]