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Neverworlds – EPCOT Center’s Lost Scandinavia Pavilion

"How Not To Be Seen: Bathroom Edition"

We’ve spoken at length – some might say disturbing length – about the fabled “Lost Danish Potties” of World Showcase. Essentially, what are now the bathrooms for EPCOT’s Norway pavilion (opened in 1988) were originally constructed as a stand-alone building in 1982. They were intended for a […]

Promises, Promises

In today’s entry in the “How’d that work out for ya?” file, we have this headline from the April, 1979 edition of the Disney Times.

An African Pavilion for EPCOT Center’s World Showcase came a step closer to reality with the recent receipt of a letter of intent from Kenya. Two other African nations, […]

Taking A Look At Ourselves, 1979

One of the more fascinating things about digging around in old newsletters and publications from Walt Disney Productions is that even long after Walt had died, the company was still very much a family shop. Reading publications from the 1970s and even well into the 1980s, one is struck by the casual and unpolished tone. […]

Retroworlds – Walt Disney World’s Golf Studio

A couple of swingers from the 70s

I came across this bit of swankiness and for some reason it has amused me greatly. From 1979, it’s the Walt Disney World Golf Studio! Ditch the wife and kids and hit the links – a panel of professionals is waiting to show you how to improve your […]

Neverworlds – EPCOT Center’s Science & Invention Pavilion

Science & Invention Pavilion by Herb Ryman, 1979

I can’t say I have a very interesting story for this one, as this is something I don’t really know anything about. In fact, I’m fishing for information. The pavilion you see above, dubbed the “Science & Invention Pavilion,” was under consideration as part of EPCOT’s lineup […]