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Because It’s Christmastime And I Love You

And you thought the Clinkers were bad?

I’ve been holding on to this one, out of fears of potential prosecution for human rights abuses. But it’s Christmas, after all, and it’s Christmastime at Walt Disney World…

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Maps! Fort Wilderness, 1978

Oh, this is a good one:

For some time now, I’ve looked for a map that would illustrate the path of the now-legendary Fort Wilderness Railroad with any degree of detail. It’s a route that is poorly known today, having been abandoned long before the days of ubiquitous home videos, Flickr and YouTube. Thanks […]

I’m So, So Sorry

There are a lot of things that I’m dying to write about, which only makes me more sad that I’ve spent the entire day in bed due to some insane illness and haven’t wanted to sit up, much less blog. I thought I’d take a break from my fever dreams to give you one, with […]

Say, Nice Package!

Back in the good ol’ days, Disney fans didn’t have to shell out big bucks to get quality discounts on rooms at Walt Disney World. The Magic Kingdom Club was created as a benefit that companies nationwide could purchase for their employees. If your employer had an agreement with Disney, and very many did, […]

Iran So Far Away…

Last weekend, Bob Allen and Carl Bongirno hosted Her Imperial Majesty Shahbanou Farah Pahlavi and her official party for a briefing and update on World Showcase. The Empress of Iran and her party visited the Magic Kingdom early Saturday evening before departing for a formal dinner on the Empress Lilly where she was joined by […]