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EPCOT: Origins – Master Plan 5, 1977

EPCOT Center’s path from concept to execution was, in so many ways, far more tortured than most Disney fans know. Far from a merely difficult transition from Walt’s concept for a futuristic city to a permanent World’s Fair (or, as modern revisionists would have it, a straight shot from Walt’s mind to the park that […]

Hooray For Bollywood!

OK, I’m actually at work so I can’t linger but I’ll bet that when you woke up this morning you didn’t think your day would involve seeing a 1977 Bollywood musical that was filmed guerrilla-style at Walt Disney World. I mean, I always hope my day will wind up that way but it never does. […]

Hot Deals! Frozen Meat!

From the Eyes & Ears of Walt Disney World, March 18, 1977:

Frozen Meat Sale!!!

I don’t know exactly why this amuses me as much as it does. Perhaps it’s the boldly declarative title announcing, without apparent excitement, “FROZEN MEAT SALE.” Perhaps it’s the fact that the Gourmet Pantry somehow found themselves with an “abundance” […]

Meanwhile, On Scenic Bay Lake…

With all the stress of the modern world, why not instead take a trip to our happy place?

Now this is what I call a Vacation Kingdom:

Wow. Just try getting that song out of your head. I guarantee that for the rest of your life when you heard someone mention River Country you’ll […]

Sponsors From The Past – The auto-train

From the very beginning, Disney theme parks have been closely tied to their corporate sponsors. This was born of necessity; Walt had to rely on those sponsorships to get Disneyland built in 1955, and it’s a tactic that the company has used ever since to differing levels of success or taste. The effect of this […]