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So this was a thing that happened:

Eat your heart out, Escape From Tomorrow.

P.S. The other park you see is Magic Mountain in California. In the Walt Disney World footage, keep an eye out for the old Polynesian Village Resort pool.

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A Secret Showcase

I was pointed towards this video by Foxx at Passport to Dreams Old & New; it shows a still-pristine Walt Disney World in the flower of its first decade, and also features an unexpected surprise. According to whoever posted the video, it’s from 1977; I have no idea what this could have been for, as […]

Get On The Magic Bus

“The World Tour introduces you to the fabulous array of vacation activities available at Walt Disney World with a guided, 3 hour long excursion around the entire World.”

Long, long ago when Walt Disney World was billed as the Vacation Kingdom of the World, more emphasis was placed on the recreational opportunities in the resort […]

First Launch – May 27th, 1977

With our recent look at the engineering process behind the creation of Space Mountain, I thought that now would be a good time to take a look back at the opening of the attraction itself courtesy of this very nifty program.

Space Mountain had opened at Walt Disney World in 1975, but it wasn’t […]

Around The Disney World, 1977 – Tokyo Disneyland

Tokyo Disneyland conference room at WED Enterprises

We’ve seen what was happening at EPCOT Center in 1977, but sometimes it’s interesting to look at where projects were in their development relative to others. In many ways, Tokyo Disneyland and EPCOT Center were twin developments; their design and construction overlapped through the late 1970s and early […]