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So, This Is Probably Something You Should Know Happened

I don’t even.

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Hardly A Hoop, Not Yet A Holler

"Your bathing suit might catch on something on the way down…"

In February of 1976, River Country was hardly a water jamboree. It was still under construction, as we see from this picture which was published on February 27th.

Well, “thar’s bin aplenty goin’ up” in River Country since our last status report. The […]

EPCOT: Origins – The Tripartite Plan, 1975

By 1975, Walt Disney Productions had given up any pretense that it was ever going to build Walt’s city of the future in Florida. The stirring images of Progress City had disappeared from their promotional materials, and by July of that year a Disney spokesman publicly stated that “the concept that was originally envisioned is […]

Neverworlds – World Showcase’s Arab Nations Pavilion

Artist’s concept for possible Arab nations pavilion, World Showcase

This rendering is for yet another unbuilt World Showcase pavilion, this time with the rather nebulous theme of “Arab nations.” This is not one of the well-known abandoned concepts for present day World Showcase, but rather an attraction intended for the original separately-gated iteration of the […]

Everything Old Is New Again…

This isn’t really informative or terribly entertaining, but I got an ironic chuckle out of it. From Eyes & Ears of Walt Disney World in December, 1976:

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