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EPCOT: Origins – The Tripartite Plan, 1975

By 1975, Walt Disney Productions had given up any pretense that it was ever going to build Walt’s city of the future in Florida. The stirring images of Progress City had disappeared from their promotional materials, and by July of that year a Disney spokesman publicly stated that “the concept that was originally envisioned is […]

Makin’ Memories, 1974 Style

Way back in the day, before human ingenuity blessed us with the miracle of digital photography, you actually had to think before you took a picture. Why, in my day we couldn’t just cast around taking hundreds of pictures willy-nilly with our cameras and iPhones and hula-hoops and dungarees; we had to stop, analyze the […]

Some Pictures Don’t Need The Family

In scanning some things from a 1974 GAF guide to Walt Disney World, I came across some excellent photography “tips” that I’ll share with you soon. One, though, I found far too hilarious to hold back; it’s so good that it deserves a post of its own. The pearl of wisdom that GAF chose to […]

All New! Hoop Dee Doo!

Brochure for Pioneer Hall, 1974

Since we’ve been hanging out at Fort Wilderness so much lately, it’s only right that I post this flier from 1974. Pioneer Hall had just opened as a dining venue for campground guests; as the flier mentions, it had breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets as well as a snack bar. […]

The Coolest Thing You’ll See Today

Seriously, how cool would this be?

Thanks to a tip by the paterfamilias, I was directed yesterday to a website devoted to the Fort Wilderness Railroad. This very cool site had somehow escaped my notice until now, and it has lots of fantastic images and history about this fairly undocumented attraction. The crown jewel of […]