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Polynesian Princess, They Call Me

Some time ago, we wrote about a rather amazing phenomenon from Walt Disney World’s past: the tearoom fashion modeling trend found at Lake Buena Vista in the 1970s. But even before the Lake Buena Vista Village was constructed, these swanky luncheons were taking place at the Polynesian Village Resort.

In August of 1972, The Eyes […]

The Springtime STOLport Stowaway!

"Mickey and Shawnee Airline's Al Porter pick the winning ticket"

We’ve spoken before about the Lake Buena Vista STOLport, the long-abandoned airstrip that allowed guests to fly directly in to Walt Disney World in its earliest years. Sadly, the commuter flights from Tampa, Orlando, and other locations quickly ended, and the plans to add […]

Retroworlds – The Lake Buena Vista STOLport


At its ultimate development, [Walt Disney World] is planned to include … An “airport of the future,” offering service to private and executive aircraft as well as commercial “commuter” service… – Preview Edition, Walt Disney World (1970)

It’s long been known that part of Walt Disney’s plan for his newly-purchased land in Florida was […]

They Did Have Wings…

What you are looking at are forty-two projectors, all preparing to be installed in the Eastern Airlines-sponsored ride If You Had Wings. This Tomorrowland attraction operated in Florida’s Magic Kingdom from 1972 to 1987, and consisted of a whimsical, musical Omnimover trip to various ports of call serviced by Eastern. For those who missed […]