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Beachin’ Bertha

In the early days of Walt Disney World, watercraft were a fundamental element of new parks. When the Magic Kingdom opened alongside the rest of the resort in 1971, any number of rafts, launches, steamships, and ferries took to the waters of Bay Lake and the Seven Seas Lagoon for shakedown cruises. The Rivers of […]

Retroworlds – The Lake Buena Vista STOLport


At its ultimate development, [Walt Disney World] is planned to include … An “airport of the future,” offering service to private and executive aircraft as well as commercial “commuter” service… – Preview Edition, Walt Disney World (1970)

It’s long been known that part of Walt Disney’s plan for his newly-purchased land in Florida was […]

The First Christmas… At Walt Disney World

“Tin Soldiers Will Join Mickey Mouse and Pluto In Daily Magic Kingdom Holiday Parades”

These days, Walt Disney World pretty much has Christmas down to a science (although things seem to have gone off the wheels a bit this year, but I digress). These pictures, taken from the Walt Disney World News in December of […]


Disney World hates and mocks you. From 1971:

All that was missing was the countdown voice-over and the mushroom cloud. And is that Orson Welles at the end?!

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You Say It’s Your Birthday?

Thirty-eight years ago today, on 1st October 1971, Walt Disney World officially opened its gates in Orlando. This was how the new resort’s arrival was heralded to the public:

Ridiculous. Although many divisions of the company, especially WED, were still putting out good work at this time, the television specials of this era more than […]