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The first major element constituting a net addition to the Florida economy is the investment required to establish Disneyworld as a major tourist attraction. The total construction expenditure needed to develop all facilities supporting the basic economic activities at Disneyworld is estimated to be in excess of $620 million during the first 15 years [...]

Avast Mateys!

In the first episode of our podcast, Beacon Joe and I discussed how impressed we were with Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean when we first had a chance to visit Anaheim last September. Even after a lifetime of riding Disney attractions, we still were floored by this 40+ year old ride. The ride experience puts [...]

The “Project X” Files: 1967

The history of Disney theme parks is littered with images of cleared terrain and construction sites, and they’re usually pretty dull. This one, though, caught my eye. It’s the Magic Kingdom, circa 1967. Note the lack of… well, pretty much anything. Obviously there’s no park or hotels, but you might also notice the conspicuous [...]