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Walt’s Disney World Press Conference, 1965

Recently we looked at a promotional film created to promote the upcoming economic impact of Walt Disney World after it was announced in 1965. It featured clips of the November 15, 1965, press conference at Orlando’s Cherry Plaza Hotel where Walt, Roy, and the charming Governor Hayden Burns discussed the project with the media.

Now, […]

Florida Welcomes Walt Disney!

Since yesterday’s post centered prominently on doughy rich old white guys, I thought we’d continue the theme today with some vintage Floridian titans of industry from 1965.

Walt Disney World, in many ways, came to be during the last great renaissance of the doughy rich old white guy. Flush with the spoils of the post-war […]

Flamers At Work

I love this mysterious and moody picture of two Imagineers working on Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean in 1965. And who knew Bob Dobbs worked at WED?

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Zoom A Little Zoom In My Rocket Ship…

This little sketch comes from 1965; it’s concept art for Space Mountain, which was then under development for Disneyland’s New Tomorrowland. The ride, of course, wouldn’t open until 1975, and then only in Florida. It wouldn’t appear at Disneyland until 1977.

I have absolutely no profound reason to post this piece, aside from the […]