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Walt Disney’s Ward Kimball’s John Carter of Mars and Beyond!

We’ve spoken about the Disney studio’s recent trip to Mars as well as Bob Clampett’s (non-Disney) attempt to animate the series of Edgar Rice Burroughs stories in 1936. But in 1957 Disney himself took a brief trip to Barsoom via Mars and Beyond, the beloved episode of the Disneyland television series directed by Disney […]

Squatting In Monsanto’s House Of The Future, 1957

Disneyland’s long history is full of oddities that might amaze those of us who missed the park’s first few decades, or who were never able to visit until later years. A lot of those “lost” mid-century novelties were located in Tomorrowland, which underwent several major overhauls in its early years and was home to many […]

They’re Toasted! Disneyland Ads, 1957

Disneyland wasn’t always an American institution. Strange, but true. And without the Internet, and its thousands of blogs and message boards and travel planning sites, those Eisenhower-era families trekking to Anaheim in their massive cars needed to know where they could find a big juicy steak or some cocktails and tomato aspic. Thankfully, once they […]