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The Ryman Centennial: The Phone Call

Walt Disney displays a number of concept art pieces for Disneyland, all created by Herbert Ryman


“Hi Herb, it’s Bill Cottrell. We’re over at the Studio working on something and Walt wants to talk to you.”

“Well, OK…”

“Hiya Herbie, it’s Walt!”

“Well hi, Walt, how are you?”

“Fine, Herb, fine. Now listen. I’m […]

Walt’s Scrapbook – June, 1955

Walt surveys his domain in June, 1955 (AP Photo)

What’s Walt up to today? It’s June of 1955 and he’s taking a walk down the middle of Main Street – or at least by the train station. But his dapper outfit seems out of place considering the surroundings; looking down Main Street towards the castle […]