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Shanghai Disneyland Online

Overnight, Shanghai Disneyland went live with their new website, with this more flattering rendering of the proposed new castle. Named “Storybook Castle” according to the site, it will be “the most interactive Disney castle yet, complete with entertainment, dining and performance spaces.” No doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to meet and dine […]

Surprisingly Unsurprising Shanghai Surprise

In Shanghai, tomorrow has already arrived and so Disney has finally and officially announced the Shanghai Disneyland project. Disney released the first renderings for the park on its blog, and Imagineer Bob Weis, who has been Tweeting pictures from the construction site, posted this brief video of the groundbreaking:

So what have we learned […]

Hong Kong Hustle

Interesting and rather exciting news emerged today that Hong Kong Disneyland’s $467 million expansion will be completed a year early. According to sources, Toy Story Playland (ugh) will open later this year, while the two other new areas – Grizzly Trail and Mystic Point – will open in 2012 and 2013. This early opening […]

In The Kingdom…

It’s been kind of busy on the news front lately.

In fact, there have been a series of minor revelations about changes both expected and not, and the online Disney realm seized accordingly. A rather hit-and-miss record in the parks over the last fifteen years has left fans somewhat shell-shocked, and that can make things […]

The Shanghai Disneyland Rorschach Test

Tell me, what do YOU see?

Disney has just completed their 2011 Investor’s Conference, wining and dining the analysts who will be setting arbitrary goals for the company in the upcoming year and punishing or rewarding them accordingly. Part of the presentation involved the still-officially-unannounced Shanghai Disneyland, and we now have another frustratingly vague […]