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Kicking Off…

Today I’m kicking off something that I have considered, with some trepidation, for a while now – I’ve posted a new project to Kickstarter with the goal of publishing a new Disney history book. I’ll admit that while I’m a huge fan of Kickstarter in general, I’ve been iffy about entering “the market” myself – [...]

Leading Ladies And Femmes Fatales: The Art Of Marc Davis

As if their current Mary Blair retrospective wasn’t enough to get you to the Walt Disney Family Museum this year, the museum has just announced a second exhibition that will debut later this year. Leading Ladies And Femmes Fatales: The Art Of Marc Davis will go on display in the museum’s Theater Gallery from [...]

The Art & Flair Of Mary Blair

Mary Blair surveys the mural she created for Disneyland’s 1967 Tomorrowland remodel

The Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco has done it again, with a spectacular new exhibit showcasing the artwork of animation concept artist, illustrator, painter, and Imagineer Mary Blair (1911–1978). MAGIC, COLOR, FLAIR: the world of Mary Blair debuted on March [...]

Future Sounds

A friend sent along this video, and I thought it was pretty great. These two guys put this together for their school’s band concert. Check it out:

It’s almost like this amazing music and the attractions from which they come had a timeless, cross-generational appeal or something…

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A Musical Souvenir

The biggest thing to emerge on the Disney historical front during my recent blogging absence was the release, on Passport to Dreams Old and New, of A Musical Souvenir of Walt Disney World. This remarkable two and a half hour audio collection provides an aural tour of the Magic Kingdom circa some time in [...]