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Happy Birthday Walt!

Today we observe the 112th anniversary of Walt Disney’s birth. Interestingly, the day has brought a couple of new venues which seek to explore the life of the filmmaker.

First, the always-excellent Walt Disney Family Museum has announced a new podcast, focusing on all things Walt. Its first episode was released today, and can [...]

Walt’s Disney World Press Conference, 1965

Recently we looked at a promotional film created to promote the upcoming economic impact of Walt Disney World after it was announced in 1965. It featured clips of the November 15, 1965, press conference at Orlando’s Cherry Plaza Hotel where Walt, Roy, and the charming Governor Hayden Burns discussed the project with the media.

Now, [...]


It was with an overwhelming sense of shock that I learned on Tuesday that the world had lost Diane Disney Miller, first daughter of Walt Disney and the founder of the Walt Disney Family Museum, to a lingering injury brought on by a fall in September. It continues to seem unthinkable that Diane could [...]

Florida Welcomes Walt Disney!

Since yesterday’s post centered prominently on doughy rich old white guys, I thought we’d continue the theme today with some vintage Floridian titans of industry from 1965.

Walt Disney World, in many ways, came to be during the last great renaissance of the doughy rich old white guy. Flush with the spoils of the post-war [...]

Around The Web: Hash ‘N’ Gravy ‘N’ Strategic Bombing Edition


A few updates…

First, Jeff Kurtti brings us an absolutely amazing story about Walt Disney’s favorite foods. I probably find this way more funny than is reasonable, but that list of foods is just amazing. Stock up on gravy, but please remember: one vegetable only! The idea of Walt [...]