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Good News From Paris – No, Really!

A rare ray of sunshine appeared this week for Disneyland Paris, which has spent most of the last twenty years unable to finance expansion because of a domino effect of economic badness. The resort’s second gate, the Walt Disney Studios park, bears the unhappy distinction of being officially The Worst Disney Park In The World, […]


Badness levels are very high.

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Weiss Wash

File Photo

Disney released a statement today that Al Weiss, the President of Worldwide Operations for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, is stepping down from that post which he has held since 2005. According to the Orlando Sentinel, Weiss’s resignation will be effective immediately although he will officially remain employed with the company until […]

One Week And Counting…

News emerged overnight that the announcement we’ve long been waiting for is nearly here. We’ve known for a while that an announcement about Shanghai Disneyland could possibly arrive in early April, but as April rapidly approached the endless intractable red tape that has surrounded the years and years of negotiations with the Chinese government showed […]

Agree To Agree… At Last

Could the wait almost be over?

A full year after the Chinese central government signed off on the plans for the park, Disney and the local Shanghai government have signed an agreement to create the joint venture company that will built the new resort. The step was, as seems typical, announced by Shanghai officials […]