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E-Ticket B-Roll

As news about Star Wars Episode VII continues to emerge on a daily basis, let’s turn back the clock once more for some Star Tours shenanigans from 1987. This time we have a video press kit for the then-new Disneyland attraction, hosted by C-3PO himself. It features a canned “news” piece about the ride for broadcast outlets, some great B-roll of the attraction and its queue, and several interviews with key creative personnel. This includes Imagineers Tony Baxter, Tom Fitzgerald, and Dave Feiten; Dennis Muren and Warren Franklin from ILM also appear. And, naturally, there’s an interview with George Lucas – as well as one with C-3PO, which is genius in the silliest way possible. Wonder how many local affiliates broadcast fake interviews with C-3PO on their cheesy morning programs…

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