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Ducks, Ghosts, and Disneylandia

Here are my latest pieces of ephemera from the D23 website

First, a look at Donald Duck’s first appearance – years before The Wise Little Hen.

Then, two pieces from the Haunted Mansion – an early script for the show spiel, and a proposed promotion for the ride written by Wally Boag.

Lastly, some art from the proposed theme park Walt considered building in Burbank.

Disclaimer: Articles published off-site are edited and may differ from my original text in content, verbiage, and structure.

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2 comments to Ducks, Ghosts, and Disneylandia

  • Stephen

    Why do I now have to register with a UK store to read these articles?

  • Michael – if you have any influence or contact with the D23 guys, would you please advise them that their sign up process SUCKS BIG TIME.
    1. why is it not just my usual Disney log in for everything else?
    2. why do I have to sign up on the site AND then go through the whole disney store for a “purchase” of $0
    3. I then have to wait 24 hours for processing of my membership
    4. then my name didn’t match my membership number and I have no idea how long I have to wait for their service desk to fix that
    5. And the 1st time registration (wtf? I’ve already done 2 other sign up forms) decided it wanted a different format for the password than the original sign up requested, and is different from the normal Disney site.

    Still not in. Still can’t read, what I am sure are, your normal excellent standard posts.

    This is more onerous than USA gun legislation.

    sorry mate – I have unleashed this on the D23 Facebook page – but hold little hope that Pixie dust will be sprinkled on this monstrosity.

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