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Another Parisian Souvenir…

When last we crossed the pond to visit Disneyland Paris, it was with the terrifying family featured in Disneyland Paris: An Unforgettable Stay. This time we have a much earlier souvenir video from the Paris resort, 1994’s Souvenirs – Memories Of An Unforgettable Adventure. And, true to form, it’s a mildly horrifying and deeply uncomfortable fever dream that can’t possibly have been what people desired when they shelled out for a souvenir video.

Still, there are a number of differences between this and Unforgettable Stay. For one, this actually does show a lot more of the park and its attractions than the later video. On that front, it’s more successful as an actual souvenir video of Disneyland Paris. On the other hand it makes far less sense and is more random and incomprehensible than Unforgettable Stay with, dare I say it, less of a “plot”. In many ways it’s like Unforgettable Stay is just some weird, campy family comedy that happens to take place at Disneyland Paris, while this is a Disneyland Paris video that just feels like you’re hallucinating after eating some bad pizza and falling asleep in a sweat lodge.

And popcorn. Lots. And lots. Of popcorn.

Witness for yourself, if you dare.


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  • I don’t know where you find these things! and that may be a good thing – cause maybe I don’t want to know! That was like watching an episode of Monkey – the dubbing didn’t match up with the the mouth movements. popcorn.

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