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Nature For Sale

I thought I’d drop in to make note of today’s deal of the day on Amazon. They’re bundling four Blu-ray Disneynature titles – African Cats, Crimson Wings, Oceans, and Earth – for the low, low price of $48 (or 55% off their regular price). For those of you who might have been thinking about checking these nature documentaries out, this would be a great time to pick them up. I’ve seen three of the four and they’re quite spectacular and well worth your time. The sale just lasts through today (Friday), and you can order here.

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1 comment to Nature For Sale

  • beaglelady

    I’ve seen 3 and they were excellent. But what is Crimson Wings?

    I’m looking forward to seeing the new Chimpanzee one. It will cheer me up after seeing “Project Nim.”

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