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"Just ignore her Morris, and she'll go away!"
Alternate Proposed Caption: "Do these change your mind about seeing the dessert tray?"
Tertiary Proposed Caption: "Giant Pepper Mills = Classy."

As I just said, it’s extremely difficult to take notes from 1970s issues of Eyes and Ears without finding one or two things per issue that I need to share. I’ve been trying and control myself; to keep my powder dry. But some things are just… amazing.

By the time the Shopping Village opened at Lake Buena Vista, things had gotten fancy. Part and parcel of being an old-school Walt Disney World fan is a constant desire to have access to a time machine. Usually we’d want it to go ride Horizons or If You Had Wings, but then you see something like this…

Honestly, this one had me at the headline.


The next quarterly get-together of female clerical cast members is set for Wednesday, March 3, at 11 am. The place will be the Village Restaurant, and special entertainment for the luncheon will be a fashion show, featuring fashions from Carolyn’s Couture, Country Address and Miss Merrily’s Madness … modeled by hostesses from Lake Buena Vista.

Reservations are limited to 100, and will be on a paid-in advance basis only. For reservations, call or see: Julia Switlick, LBV Preview Center, 828-3465; Gloria Jacobs, The Center, 824-4283; or Alvina Evans, WDDC, 828-2172.

Fashion modeling was actually something that happened quite often back in the day at the Shopping Village; what better way to spent an afternoon at the Village Restaurant than with tea sandwiches and Lake Buena Vista cast members parading back and forth in diaphanous gowns? Answer: There is no better way.

Some bonus trivia: Julia Switlick, your contact for this little party, was the very first Walt Disney World employee – although she didn’t know it at the time. Hired on February 1st, 1966, she served as secretary to lawyer Phil Smith who had come to Orlando from Miami to oversee the purchase, in secret, of land for Walt Disney World. In the years leading up to this party, which took place in March of 1976, she had also served as District Clerk for the Reedy Creek Improvement District, City Clerk for both the City of Bay Lake and City of Lake Buena Vista, and as Executive Secretary and Office Manager for Lake Buena Vista Communities.

Thanks to Foxx for the swanky picture!

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  • DeeJay

    Classic! Hey, I can’t quite make it out from the quality of the picture, but is the gentleman smoking a pipe or sporting a way-cool for the time goatee?

    Keep these coming, Michael. Each one is better than the last!

  • Sean O

    Not sure if I prefer the Office reference or the usage of diaphanous.

  • RO93461

    When I was a boy, my mother used to dress me up in slacks, polo shirt and dress shoes and we would go to Bullocks, a tony California department store in a new mall called “Fashion Square”. There was a Tea Room on the third floor and we would have lunch surrounding a runway of sorts. Well dressed (and modest I might add) models would come to your table and show off the newest fashions. My mother would chit chat with them about a new handbag or something, but the models were really pretty and sophisticated. The room was filled with lady shoppers all dressed nice for the afternoon. I was impressed by this and as a scrubbed blond headed boy they all paid attention to me and that was fun too. No jeans for miles. It was like being in a Herb Ryman rendering. It did exist that way at one time.I miss that world where people actually cared about how they looked and elevated society by raising their own bar.

  • giant pepper mills = less likely Mrs. Sophistication there would sneak it into her patchwork leather handbag

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