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New Adventures In Listening To Me Talk About Stuff

Just a heads-up that the folks at WEDway Radio were kind enough to ask me to guest-host an episode last week discussing Tokyo Disneyland. It was, as always, a great time, and even though neither of us have actually been to the park we’re talking about, hopefully it’s somewhat informative!

The episode in question is Episode 77; you can listen on the WEDway Radio site or download (and subscribe!) on iTunes. I recommend checking out their other podcasts, which are typically excellent even when I’m not involved (some would say especially when I’m not involved).

So for those who can’t get enough of me talking and talking and talking – check it out!

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1 comment to New Adventures In Listening To Me Talk About Stuff

  • Mark W

    Oh man Michael, you have GOT to get over there… It’s like taking a time machine back to the ’80s. Yeah, there are some weird things, like the fact that Main Street has a roof and the train only circles Frontier- er, Westernland, but it’s just incredible how unbelievably *right* everything feels over there in spite of the design differences.

    TDL is proof-positive that those of us unhappy w/ WDW’s upkeep aren’t just being negative and idealizing the past. Some say we’re remembering through rose-tinted glasses; honestly, when I went to TDL I realized that things used to be even *better* than I remembered. It truly is an incredible and validating experience.

    And Tokyo DisneySea is just mind-blowing. You walk into the park and your jaw just drops and hangs there for about 10 seconds. And you have the same exact same experience every time you enter a new land.

    If only Disney were still Disney…

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