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Sneaky Previews, Shanghai Style…

As we continue to wait… and wait… and wait… for any real information about Shanghai Disneyland, we have to look for clues anywhere we can find them. A choice new tidbit comes from this job posting on the official Disney hiring site; in case it disappears, here’s a key quote:

Act on behalf of the Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Operations Team throughout the course of a project. This includes the design, development, construction, and turnover phases of the two hotels associated with the Shanghai Disney Resort. Business units represented include Housekeeping, Front Desk, Food and Beverage, Merchandise, Security, Horticulture and Recreation. This position acts as the key liaison between the Operator and the Developer throughout design and construction. Travel to Shanghai will be required on a regular basis to build relationships with local hotel operators, local design firms, and to better understand the market for Guest & Cast planning purposes.

So there you go. Clue one for the initial site plan for Shanghai: two hotels. Next?

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