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Once Upon A Wintertime

In the ninth volume of the Walt’s People series, edited by Didier Ghez, there’s an interview conducted by John Culhane with Disney artist Art Scott. Scott relates a story from the 1970s, when he approached Disney’s then-CEO Card Walker about Once Upon A Wintertime. Scott had worked on the short, which was part of the 1948 package feature Melody Time, and felt that its title song (performed in the film by Frances Langford) really deserved a spot as a holiday standard. According to Scott, he told Walker that the short should be put into yearly rotation like other Christmas classics.

Well, that obviously never happened but perhaps we can pick up the torch and bring some attention to the song and the short. Here’s Once Upon A Wintertime, with design work by Disney icon Mary Blair. Why not incorporate the song into your next round of wassailing?

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