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An Unexpectedly Funky Future

Over the last couple of years, Disney has been working pretty hard to get up to speed in the world of interactive online media and social networking. They had a lot of catching up to do, but have been busy establishing presences on Facebook, Twitter, the Disney Parks Blog and elsewhere. While the content hasn’t exactly set the world on fire, there have been a couple of bright points. The Parks Blog has offered some interesting videos and pictures, and on Twitter the President of the Disney Stores deserves special praise for his willingness to interact with and take suggestions from fans.

Still, most of the Disney social media content has consisted of glorified press releases and an interminable stream of pin-related merchandise announcements. Which made it ever more surprising when the @Disney Twitter feed came online recently, using its rather high-end namespace for a series of vaguely esoteric quotes from Walt about the future. One would expect to see a “flagship” Twitter account used for pin announcements or High School Musical VIII trailers or… well, whatever, but not Magic Highway USA or pictures of EPCOT.

The only conclusion I can reach is that one of “us” has managed to infiltrate the Disney global communications array and is secretly broadcasting a feed of pure, unadulterated Walt-era Disneyana under the noses of the Merchandising folks.

Anyway, the point of this is that this mysterious cabal has posted two extremely cool remix videos that combine smooth, smooth trance beats with footage from the Ward Kimball-produced Tomorrowland episodes of the Disneyland anthology program. No, I am not joking. Two of these have emerged already, one each for Man in Space and Man and the Moon, so I can only hope that we’ll see Mars and Beyond soon. That one will be really nuts.

Enjoy, and thanks to our mysterious mixmaster!

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