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Well, here you go:

Pigs with pigs.

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15 comments to Pooh.

  • What. Wasn’t this supposed to be A Really Big Deal?

  • I think so. I dunno. I’m not exactly the Pooh target audience so I’ll admit it’s lost on me.

  • Andrew Horberry

    Ugh. Moments of brilliance (follow-my-leader across the bridge, resonating with the idealized rural childhood upbringing that never was and always will be) utterly submerged even in the trailer with gross-out slapstick (lightning hitting Eeyore’s behind? Really? Really??).

    Charmless. Forgettable. Missable.

  • RO93461

    Pooh is low concept with small problems. They burn a half hour because “Pooh is stuck”. I can’t imagine a feature. Having said that, the “many adventures” shorts are genius.

  • Another Voice

    This reminds me of the “teaser trailer” you smush together from dailies the night before the meeting with the guy whose given you a bit of money and wants to see what you’ve been doing the last week only with those you use a better song you ripped from a royalty fee CD.

  • Another Voice

    sorry – who’s not whose. An edit function is more important to me than proofreading.

  • Smaha

    The watercolor storyboard look. Sigh.

    I understand the desire to stick with the look and feel of the original Pooh illustrations and shorts from back in the day, but being genuine shouldn’t trump being interesting. I absolutely can see this as a special 2-hour tv event around Thanksgiving, but a feature? Oh Bother.

    Anyone else get the feeling this is nothing more than a big detox program for the company? A little medicine to get the taste of the Disney Channel out of their mouths?

    In all honesty, I think they’re missing the boat. So much could be done to really get INTO the pages of the storybook and the natural world in general. Dare I say it….can’t believe I’m about to…..must…..resist…..3D? At least give me some multiplane camera love if they want that retro look.

    Anyway. I think Michael’s lack of much to say actually says it all. It’s lost on me, too. Next topic….

  • Dan

    I believe the phrase Tigger was searching for was “Bliggity Blam!”

  • Anton

    Geez, people! Look, of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I’m no stranger to complaining about the Mouse myself. But can’t we give the folks a large helping of credit for doing this? The characters have the personalities I remember from ages old, Christopher is back, having sent Darby packing, the look is “the same” while still being updated to look like modern animation — no mean feat. Posts like those above seem to confirm the idea that for True Disney Fans anything that hits outside of their tiny personal bulls-eyes is scorned.

    Is this 100% what I think Disney should be doing now? Certainly not. But I’m grateful for the effort, and looking forward to seeing it.

  • RO93461

    I hate to blow the ending, but Christopher Robin dumps Pooh for Duffy.

  • philphoggs

    AHHHH! :) Thats a good one.
    For some reason this trailer doesn’t bug me so much either. Pooh will always be the lightning rod for MR. Toad… don’t want to step in that. Of which, I wonder, will the tree in the que still have the 20k sub on it? Does anyone care or is this a little too hidden Mickey..yea.

  • Justin

    Something that jumped out at me right away is how strikingly different the voices of Owl and Christoper Robin are in this movie compared to The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
    That is my favorite Disney animated feature and likely always will be. Having said that, I love the look of the animation in this film, as it very closely resembles that of the original.
    I was irked, however, at the sight of how ugly the area and props surrounding the storybook were. I enjoy the interaction between the characters and the book itself, but including the outside world surrounding the book seems very unnecessary and distracting. The Many Adventures did it very tastefully, in my opinion.

  • I love the comment about Pooh being “low concept with small problems.” So true. And at least they didn’t try to fit in a BLAM!

    They’re obviously working hard to keep this true to the originals, and I think their hearts are in the right place. But as I’ve said, I can’t help it – it just leaves me cold. I’ve never liked Pooh, even when I was a kid. I just don’t get it.

    It’s not like this is the Tangled promos and trailers, which make me angry they’re so bad (although, oddly, I think the movie will probably be pretty good). It doesn’t make me happy or unhappy it’s just…. nothing to me.

    That being said everything I’ve seen from the animation community so far is people flipping out about this and how great they think it is so I’m happy that it’s working for some people.

  • To amend my above comment: I did have one reaction. I laughed out loud when the ridiculous emo song came over the soundtrack. WTF? What is the combination of that song and Winnie the Pooh supposed to appeal to? Disaffected hipsters longing for the innocence of youth? And watching it again I’m still unsure just who this film is being made for – young children and people who were at CalArts in the 1970s and long for the days of their apprenticeship?

    That being said, the backgrounds *do* look spectacular. Yay traditional animation.

  • Laura

    Hmmm… Despite the fact that I have never been a Pooh fan, and they definitely tried to add appeal through cheap humor, I definitely hope this film does fairly well. Heck, any traditionally animated Disney feature I will to do well, I hope more than anything that Disney does some more things closer to their roots, whether it be through fairytales, traditional animation, or even this.

    And like Michael said, the backgrounds are beautiful. Ignoring the cheap humor, and the music, that trailer was lovely to watch.

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