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Mort It Is…

A couple of days ago I revealed that the rumored project that Disney animation vets Ron Clements and John Musker are currently boarding is an adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s 1987 fantasy-comedy Mort. The novel follows a young man who, looking for gainful employment, takes a position as Death’s apprentice only to fall in love with a princess that he’s tasked to “collect.”

Now Honor at Blue Sky Disney has confirmed this, pointing out that the film might be a broader Discworld-set story rather than a strict adaptation of Mort itself. In a way, it’s rather similar to how The Black Cauldron was adapted a generation ago.

Animation rumors are hard to chase, because these projects can be so ephemeral. In the last decade we’ve had several films well underway at Disney only to evaporate completely. Projects come and go overnight, but hopefully this will be one that sticks around.

In other animation news, The Pixar Blog is reporting a rumor that Brenda Chapman is actually leaving Pixar after her film Brave was taken from her.

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2 comments to Mort It Is…

  • DJ

    Disney’s Verison of the the Discworld will be twice as bizzard as Disney’s verison of Wonderland!!!

    Please prays that Disney will sees Discworld as an new franchise from the Disney’s
    Comsumer Products and that John and Ron will adopt more than just one Discworld story!!

  • […] yet but word has come to me that Mort, the animated feature which Ron Clements and John Musker had planned to adapt from Terry Pratchett’s 1987 fantasy/comedy novel, has been abandoned. I’ve […]

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