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Foods From Distant Lands!!

1978 was a different time. Barely emerged from the Age of Aspic, America slowly began to look for more engaging foodstuffs. No longer content to chase down their flank steak and poached asparagus with a couple of old fashioneds and a kind word to the waitress, Americans wanted something more – they wanted dessert.

Thankfully, the forward-thinking visionaries at Walt Disney World were prepared. Tucked away in the secluded confines of the Golf Resort Hotel, the chefs at the Trophy Room restaurant had the answer – something from the very fringes of food science, French-Fried Ice Cream.

French-Fried Ice Cream at the Golf Resort, from the Fall 1978 Disney News

I love so much about this article. The sheer breathless prose about this exotic new substance is enough to get anyone excited, even well past the era when – if we’re to believe the chefs cited in the article – there were only two other restaurants serving this inconceivable concoction.

That’s not to say that the Trophy Room was slinging out any old fried ice cream. I have to say, the idea of serving it on a peach half is kind of genius. And it’s hard to resist anything that comes in a glass goblet with vanilla sauce and a sprig of mint. And, apparently, a garland of daisies.

So the next time you’re time-traveling be sure and drop by the Golf Resort – just don’t try and pry the mystery behind French-Fried Ice Cream from the chefs. Only through advanced science could this have occurred – who says that EPCOT was never realized?

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16 comments to Foods From Distant Lands!!

  • Celeste C.

    Oohs…ahhs….How did you do it?? Stupid lack of time machines.

  • They were so fancy back then! Although the ice cream kinda looks like a deep-fried human heart.

  • Celeste C.

    That’s exactly what I thought when I looked at it! Quite exotic back then, yes.

  • Another Voice

    I guess I have to face the fact that my life has been pathetic when I admit in public that I went to eat fried ice cream at the Golf Resort because of this very article in the Disney News. Over the years I made other special trips just for this desert several times. It was actually pretty good – far superior to today’s horrible fried Twinkies and Mars Bars. I also remember that Disney published the recipe for this too, although I don’t remember when or where.

    Perhaps we’ll see it just as soon as we see the article on they mythical handwiches.

  • AJ

    A stunning culinary masterpiece.

  • Another Voice

    From the Massive Archives of Ultimately Useless Disney Information (MAUUDI), I have the recipe for ‘French Fried Ice Cream from the Garden Gallery located at The Disney Inn':


    1 pint of vanilla ice cream (flavor optional)
    2 egg whites, divided
    3 tablespoons almond paste
    1 1/2 cups graham cracker crumbs
    4 10-inch flour totrillas
    Oil for frying
    Walnuts, chopped
    Mint leaves, fresh
    Vanilla sauce
    Sliced peaches, fresh or canned
    Strawberries, fresh

    Scoop ice cream into 4 balls. Freeze until very hard

    Blend 1 egg white into almond paste until very smooth. Divide almond paste into 4 equal parts and roll out very thin with a rolling pin. Wrap around frozen ice cream ball until completely covered. Dip ice cream ball into remaining egg white and roll in graham cracker crumbs, coating well.

    Ice cream balls can be stored in an airtight container in freezer up to this point.

    When ready to serve, heat enough oil in a deep pot (about 3 inches deep) to a tempeture of 360 degrees on a candy thermometer. Fry tortilla shells, one at a time, until golden brown. Remove immediately and place over the outside of a 6-inch bowl and shap while warm. The tortilla will hold its shape when it cools slightly.

    Fry each ice cream ball in the same oil until golden brown (15 to 20 seconds). Remove immediately and drain. Place fried ice cream in tortilla shell and garnish with vanilla sauce, peaches, strawberries, walnuts, and fresh mint leaves.

    Serve immediately.

    I also have the recipes for the Maple Sugar Pie from Le Cellier and the Macadamia Nut Pie from the Papeete Bay Verandah, but I’m they both violate some provisions of the new health care bill.

  • Cindy Patrick

    Great post, I am an avid reader of this blog, keep up the good work, and I’ll be a regular visitor for a very long time.

  • OK, I’m impressed. I’m going to have to post that on the main page. And the article was right! Almond paste!

    I want that. I’m also amused that this very article inspired someone to see it out. I don’t blame you – it makes it sound amazing! I’d definitely check it out were it still there.

    And yes, Handwich(tm) research continues to hold out hope…

  • And we’re going to need those pie recipes too :)

  • Another Voice

    From the Tambu Lounge at the Polynesian Village Resort – something for the adults:

    Smooth Sailing

    Cracked ice
    1 ounce vodka
    1/2 ounce clear orange liqueur
    1/4 cup orange juice
    1/4 cup cranberry juice
    1/4 cup sour mix
    1/2 ounce cherry brandy
    Orange Slice
    Maraschino cherry

    Put cracked ice in an 8-ounce glass. Add vodka, clear orange liqueur, cranberry juice, and sour mix. Stir lightly. Float cherry brandy on top. Garnish with orange slice and cherry.

  • […] Progress City USA has a picture of Jim MacPhee drinking Beverly. (You won’t know if it’s worth looking until it’s too late.) Also, a piece of history with Disney’s launch of French-fried ice cream. […]

  • Jerri

    Another voice, I can’t begin to thank you enough for the fried ice cream recipe. I had it around 1979 and every fried ice cream I have tried since (in hopes of finding one with almond paste) paled in comparison. Can’t wait to try this! You’ve made someone VERY happy today

  • Another Voice

    All these years and we have yet to be educated on the glory that was the Handwich.

    One may soon have to give up hope.

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