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Progress City Radio Hour – Episode 2

Here it is – our sophomore effort. There’s Disneyland, there’s Horizons, there’s Robin Hood. We hope you like it.

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Anyway, here it is. Keep those great suggestions and comments coming – we appreciate how supportive everyone was of the pilot episode, and hope to be back soon with more!

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14 comments to Progress City Radio Hour – Episode 2

  • Celeste C.

    I’m listening to the new episode right now (it’s fantastic btw!). A couple things I couldn’t wait to say…First, I thought webcot was great. Second, you used the phrase “choose your future” for Horizons, and I’m kicking myself for not phrasing it that way on my pin (I designed the “choose your own ending” Horizons pin). “Choose your future” is infinitely more elegant.

    Anyway, gotta get back to the episode!

  • Adam S

    Halfway through listening and you guys referenced Showbiz Pizza.

    Yeah, you guys rock!

    Keep up the great work.

  • Hey, Mission Space is every bit as good as The Indiana Jones Adventure at DL ;-)
    You forgot to mention that Horizons never killed anyone! Love the lost Horizons song…..thanks for sharing that!

    Splash Mt. being that close to the Haunted Mansion has ALWAYS bothered me! Before Splash Mt. was built, there was just a hill with some trees on it in that spot…a much better backdrop for the Mansion.

    Another great Progcast, guys!

  • By the way, that was sarcasm in the first line of my comment above!

  • Mike L

    The podcast is fantastic!! I love the content, variety, and music. My only suggestion would be to split it into two shorter podcasts. I find myself unable to break away from the podcast…and then it is two hours later. Otherwise, perfect!

  • Rob

    Loved it! Your sense of humor and knowledge made this a great listen. Best of all, you manage to be obvious fans of Disney and its heritage without being “Fanboys.” I will eagerly await future installments; thanks again for your hard work, and best wishes on the new endeavor.

  • philphoggs

    Meet at Praa – gress USA!
    Had to break it down into a few camp meetings myself, but a good show it was. The pieces on Robin Hood and Horizons alone were well worth listening to more than once. Endured numerously the April fools joke of Main Street going Toontown. It better be a joke, or Chkk – chkkk somebody gonna pay ;)

    Very good guys, thanks

  • Haha thanks everyone – I’m really pleased that people seem to like it so far. Your enthusiasm encourages me as we try to figure out what to do next.

    Celeste: YAY for the Webcot shoutout! I do intend for it to return someday. It was just so outdated and messy I didn’t feel right leaving it up, but it’s something that I really do want to return to. Also, it totally serves you right for not consulting me on your Horizons pin. Pictures?

    Adam: There’s always room for Showbiz! If you look in the site archives, Jeff wrote a few stories about them waayyyyy back in the day.

    MTW: Jeff and I were discussing this at WDW, and it’s funny that now Splash Mountain’s placement in both DL and WDW *REALLY* bothers us. I think it’s a great attraction, and it used to be his fave, but seeing it there in DL right beside the Mansion really… I don’t know. It’s just bad. Because with rides you hate, you can just think, “Ah, well I’d just bulldoze it and solve that problem.” But I don’t want to bulldoze Splash! Just… move it. Doubt the accountants would go for that.

    But even at WDW where it’s positioning doesn’t immediately clash with a neighboring attraction, it still derails the vibe at the end of Frontierland. I really, really want Thunder Mesa there. Growl!

    Mike and Phil: The length of the show is something we’ve definitely mulled over. Obviously, we started with the intent of making it just an hour long, with different segments to break up the show and ensure it doesn’t get monotonous. But as you can tell, we like to tell the whole story and we don’t want to skimp on the details…

    So yeah. We don’t want to be those podcasts where people sit around and drone on for two hours without any purpose or structure, and we definitely want to keep things moving. That was our real mandate from the start – KEEP THINGS MOVING. My guess is that the eps will probably stay the same length, but we’ll be sure to keep it broken up into segments so people can listen to just a bit at a time.

    I also really wanted to do an enhanced podcast, so we could have chapter stops, but that apparently only works on iPods and I’m not going to play the proprietary game.

    Rob: Thanks to you too! I guess our other prime directive was to be fans – which we obviously are – without being fanboy caricatures who would buy anything with the Disney name slapped on it. People might wind up thinking I’m an internet crank, but I really want to see Disney succeed and I still think the best way to do that is to hold them to the ridiculously high standards they used to espouse.

    Thanks again for the kind words, everyone. I really, really appreciate it. Tell your friends! :)

  • I’ve seen original plans for DL’s Splash Mt. that placed it beyond the berm on the other side of the Frontierland station. It was going to be in a southern bayou extension of New Orleans Square, but it would have been off on it’s own instead of intruding on other buildings and attractions. Supposedly, it was top management that determined were it would ultimately go because of the cost of relocating stuff backstage. I agree with you….just MOVE IT!

    Oh, and I really want Thunder Mesa too….in ANY of the parks!

  • Great second show! I was a little worried when I saw the length of the show, but enjoyed the whole episode. I was amazed that you discussed ‘Robin Hood’. That is the first Disney movie I remember seeing as a kid and has always been a favorite. Thanks for your efforts with the site and the podcast.

  • The Fantasyland expansion gives me hope for the future of DAK. After 22-ish years (depending on when it closes) Birthdayland/Starland/Toontown will finally live up to its “temporary” status. Along similar lines, the “temporary” Camp Minnie-Mickey is going on 12 years next month and it seems to reason that maybe once work in MK completes we could see a similar project in DAK.

    Will it be Beastly Kingdom? Who knows? Any significant additions to this grossly underappreciated park, regardless of the specific theme, will help move it out of “half-day” status and give it the esteem it deserves. An expansion should create a sufficient distraction to take Everest down to give it the TLC it desperately needs too. One can hope, right?

    On another topic, maybe adding timestamps for the different segments to the show notes would help people plan out their listening habits. I know I’d like it to be able to listen to some segments again, and when you’re in the 60-120+ minute range it’s hard to jump back and forth efficiently. I love chapter stops, but understand the distaste for jumping through proprietary hoops. Great work on the show. Keep them coming!

  • James R

    The hits just keep on coming! Thanks for another great podcast. Also, thanks for spending so much time discussing my email, especially all the details on the Yeti and Beastly Kingdom. I look forward to your future shows that will “steal more of my ideas”! =)

    I also loved the discussion of Horizons. I never was able to experience the attraction, which is one of my great regrets. I look forward to more on this sorely missed experience.

    And, feel free to discuss WDW food as much as you want. This topic is most appreciated when I listen to your podcast right before lunch!

    Keep up the great work!


  • Great podcast…I can’t believe you like the Disney Coffee! I had a cast member show me how they “make” coffee – and it’s a bag of concentrated liquid that they mix with hot water. I had a cup of hot chocolate over on the boardwalk the last time I was down there, and it tasted awful as well, my guess they do the same thing with their hot chocolate. Love the podcast! Yes, I hope they get the transportation thing figured out. Looking forward to the next podcast!

  • I can’t explain my love of Nescafe – I know it’s unnatural compared to the rest of the coffee I like. It frightens and amazes me, and I’m looking to find out about the strange way its created. Coffee from concentrate! The future has arrived!

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