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Run For The Border, 1983

So we step out of the TARDIS and it’s 1983. And it’s EPCOT, so let’s ride something.

It shouldn’t be a problem, of course. After all, as we all know, EPCOT was super unpopular because it was so boring and dull, with no thrills and it made children cry and no one ever, ever came. So it should be an easy walk-on to El Rio Del Tiempo at the the Mexico Pavilion – after all, it’s a slow dull dark ride with no thrills whatsoever and there aren’t even any characters. No characters?! Why even bother? Oh well, might as well. Let’s just stroll over and…

Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT Center, 1983The Mexico Pavilion at EPCOT Center, 1983


So… uh… boring… and, uh… unpopular…

Of note: Wow, that’s a big show building. And some short trees. And look how much space there is between the building and the promenade!

Anyway, it’s nice and all but can you imagine how excited these people would be if it were a roller coaster?

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3 comments to Run For The Border, 1983

  • Pssst…. the image should be flipped. ;) Luv, Foxxy

  • DOH!

    But, of course, I meant that, because when we traveled back through time we also went to a different dimension where the Showcase pavilions were placed in reverse order.

    So… that makes perfect sense.

    There’s no – repeat, absolutely no – possibility that the foliage threw me off and I didn’t notice. Nope. Not a chance.

    // runs to open Photoshop before anyone else checks their RSS feed…

  • /fixed
    //flipping pics horizontally is weird. now it looks… so less weird.
    ///good eye, there :)

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