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Princess and the Frog!!! Photos! Here! Tiana and Naveen! Etc!

Princess Tiana and froggy Naveen

You kids. I slave all day over a hot keyboard, and every year I get a record amount of hits just from people looking for pictures from Disney’s latest animated features. But who am I to argue? Here are the latest publicity shots from the upcoming Disney animated feature The Princess and the Frog.

I’m excited about this one, especially after seeing the film’s first act at the D23 Expo. A couple of the characters’ designs bother me, looking a little more Bluth than Disney, but the filmmakers seem to have the story and characters locked down perfectly. The first act breezed by, getting a number of important story beats across without dwelling on them unnecessarily or in a heavy-handed manner. It showed a deft touch that was refreshing and appreciated.

I received a review copy of the film’s soundtrack yesterday, and a review is forthcoming. It’s a good one, though – Randy Newman’s songwriting combined with talented voice artists makes for a pleasing New Orleans vibe that will blend well with the film’s lush visuals.

For now, though, enjoy the pretty pictures!


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  • android.dreamer

    “More than 45,000 of the character’s dolls have sold in less than a month, with 17,000 sold last week alone.” (Variety)

    I have a feeling this will be a success.

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