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101… Damnations?

Hellfire and brimstone are topics not usually associated with Walt Disney Productions.

- Walt Disney Productions, 1981

Satan!No, that title is not me being clever and kind of inappropriate. It’s Disney being kind of inappropriate!

I’ve been waiting to show this one to you for a while. This fascinating article appeared in the Disney Studios cast publication, the Disney Newsreel, in February of 1981. Eventually you discover that it’s a tie-in with the soon-to-flop The Devil and Max Devlin, but at first glance it just looks like someone at Disney decided to do a mid-February summation of all the times Satan appeared in Disney films (this was before Satan transferred to Parks & Resorts and changed his name to Paul Pressler). Did you know that Satan had his Disney debut in the 1929 Silly Symphony, Hell’s Bells? Oh, it’s true.

Enjoy this odd bit of self-promotion from days of yore, as you consider the age-old question: Who’s really more evil, Satan or Hannah Montana?

101 Damnations, Page 1   101 Damnations, Page 2

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