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Follow Figment to the Image Works

The great and mighty Martin Smith has struck again, this time with a new documentary about the Image Works – the creative playground of the future! This electronic wonderland occupied the upper level of Journey Into Imagination’s glass pyramids from its opening in 1982 until the notorious pavilion overhauls of 1998-99. The attraction featured a series of interactive exhibits and games that were on the cutting edge of technology at the time. Even after touch screens and digital technology became commonplace, though, it was still a colorful and exciting area.

Sadly, the upstairs area is still walled off, despite many rumors over the years that Disney intends to reopen it. There is another ImageWorks now, occupying a portion of the lower floor that was formerly used by the Imagination ride itself, and it lacks the charm and artistry that the original exhibit displayed. But don’t take my word for it – see for yourself!

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2 comments to Follow Figment to the Image Works

  • Kathy Steidinger

    Disney should have left this “original” attraction alone. It was great the way it was the first time and the lines outside proved it. Now, there are hardly any lines, I wonder why?

    My daughter loved the ride and afterwards going upstairs to the unique “fun” things to do was special to her.

    If something works, don’t mess with it.

  • What an amazing find! Thank you for the great memories!

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