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Where Are You Going To Go Today?

So you’re vacationing at Walt Disney World in 1992, and as you wake up in your Treehouse Villa you wonder where you’re going to go today. Should you jump the green and gold EC bus and head to EPCOT Center for a ride on Horizons? Or should you head to the Magic Kingdom on the green and gold MK bus for a trip 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea?

Before the advent of fancy-pants onboard computers and changeable electronic displays, guests at Walt Disney World chose which bus to ride by looking at the design of the flag painted on its side. Each resort and route had its own distinct emblem, and before the Eisner-era building boom escalated it was easy to find transportation between any two locations on property.

Copies of bus guides like the one below were found in each guest room on property. So download these images, print them on the front and back of a piece of paper, fold along the creases, and place it on your bedstand when you go to bed tonight. It’ll be just like waking up and the Polynesian in 1992!

Walt Disney World Bus Routes 1992
Walt Disney World Bus Routes 1992 - Reverse

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2 comments to Where Are You Going To Go Today?

  • Nice scan.

    Our first visit was in 1994. But we had a rental car. By 2001, the busses had digital signage. When was the switchover? If I remember correctly, all of the busses looked the same in 1994.

  • Thanks!

    Good question George – I’m too lazy to do the research right now, but I would think it wasn’t long after this time. I think the resort just got too big and complicated for the flag system; soon after this they went to having the name of the destination in the front window of the bus (analogue style), and then to the current digital readouts.

    I miss the green and gold EC!

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