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Who are you?

Who are you?

Well, who are you? Kelly Hu? If so, email immediately.

Otherwise, I’m interested in knowing who’s out there. The internet is fascinating because we have all these little tracking geegaws that can tell us how many people are checking in and even, roughly, where they are geographically (hi Beverly Hills! Send money!). Thankfully, it appears that lots of people are at least vaguely interested in what we’re doing here at Progress City but the problem is that we don’t know who you are. While the best solution for this would be a constant stream of enthusiastic and insightful comments on every post, I know how seldom I comment on blogs – even those that I read voraciously.

So, as we gear up to resume daily posting now that our Thanksgiving break is over, I’d like those of you out there to take a second and introduce yourself. To make this interesting, and not totally about us, why don’t you hit us with some links – if you have a site or blog, feel free to pimp it in the comments thread for this post. If you have other blogs or sites that you love, link them too. And if you’re feeling really loquacious, let us know what you’d like to see more of here on the blog.

Take a moment and say hi to everyone – just because Progress City is a world on the move doesn’t mean we can’t get to know each other…

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5 comments to Who are you?

  • rita

    I love this blog. I read it regularly here in southeast TN. Thanks for the entertainment and information. Look forward to more. Ya’ll have a nice holiday! Or as we say here….. Merry Christmas.

  • Awesome site. Spectacular. Love the in depth articles and humor. Keep up the awesome work. This along with Blue Sky Disney, Imagineer Rebirth, and a few other key Disney sites are my favorite sites for Disney news and clues…Thanks!

  • Thanks guys… always glad to hear feedback. It’s not that we need our message boards to be buzzing always, or that we’re desperate for praise, but it’s nice to know who is out there. Community… without it, EPCOT would be EPOT. And that sounds like a website that would lead to criminal convictions.

  • Miss you! Because “How to Set Up Your Home Theater” is attached to “National Treasure 2: Nationalist Treasurer” does that mean we’re going to go see it in the theater?
    Hi from Winston-Salem.

  • Mahalo!
    I think it does. Those SOB’s at marketing know what they’re doing…
    Thanks for dropping by…

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